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River View Orchards - Keswick

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251 Rt. 616, Keswick, New Brunswick

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Phone: (506) 440-4379


Owners, Operators:
Andrew Lovell and Family

River View Orchards has a long history of providing quality fruit to our neighbours, friends, and the residents of New Brunswick. There have been apples produced on this farm for at least one hundred years!! Our family plans to keep this tradition alive, and hopefully help our visitor’s families, start their own new family traditions every year!!


Brief History

Douglas-GordonThe farm was first granted in November 1784. It was a king’s grant to soldiers who had served their 20 years and were now being released from their military obligations. The right hand side of the road was granted to 2 men with the names Dixon, and Callaghan. The left side of the road was granted to a man by the name of Backstander.

After that I don't have any more information until 1914 when it was purchased by a man with the last name Gordon. His son, Douglas Gordon, took over the farm and ran it until he became the first manager of the Keswick Ridge Apple Co-op Ltd, and one of the partners in Clear Bright Farms.

Douglas sold the farm to Derwood Jones, who planted many of the trees still growing in the orchard, and he sold it around 25 years ago to Alison Carlisle and his family.

The newest owner of the farm is the Lovell Family of Keswick Ridge, who assumed ownership in July of 2012.

We do have public transit this year, THE BIG APPLE EXPRESS hay wagon. Due to some of the changes in the Quality Food Safety Act, visitors, unless escorted by a member of our staff, will be not allowed to enter the orchard with their vehicles. A new parking area has been constructed and visitors will be picked up there and then dropped back off there when they are finished picking their tasty apples.

Mon - Fri:    10:00 am - 5:00 pm
Sat:    11:00 am - 3:00 pm

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