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HutLo Acres - Knowlesville

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366 East Knowlesville Road, Knowlesville, New Brunswick, E7L 1M4

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Phone: (506) 375-8520


Owners, Operators:
Michael Hutton and Essie Lom

HutLo Acres is one of two certified organic orchards in New Brunswick. We have five acres of apple trees and 0.5 acres of plums. We grow scab-free varieties such as NovaMac, Redfree, Liberty, Freedom and Macfree, as well as heritage varieties such as New Brunswicker, Yellow Transparent, Wealthy , Sweet 16 and Hazen. We grow mainly European purple plums such as Mt Royal and Stanley. We are at the Woodstock Farm Market year round and at the Boyce Market in Fredericton in the fall. We sell to health food stores in Fredericton and Moncton in the fall and winter. We are proud of growing apples organically and of producing the only certified organic cider in New Brunswick!


We are two transplanted city people who knew nothing about apple growing when we started. We planted our first trees in 1981 and expanded to 5.5 acres by the mid-1990’s. Originally, we were living in Montreal and planted trees on Victoria Day weekend, and then came back for the summer. After we moved to Saint John to teach, we planted lots more trees and were able to be at the farm on some weekends as well. Michael stopped teaching in 2000 and Essie in 2005, to devote all our time to apple growing. The present orchard contains over 40 varieties, modern and heirloom, to meet all kinds of tastes and uses. We have a loyal clientele who seek us out for local organic apples.

We are not officially a u-pick, but if a customer wants to come and pick their own apples for the fun of being in an orchard on a brisk fall day, we can arrange that.

We are open any day of the week, from 9 to 5.

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