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AppleManFarms Ltd. - Gagetown

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16 Fox Road, Gagetown, New Brunswick, E5M 1W6

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Phone: (506) 488-2147

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Blair Stirling


Producer, packer, processor and shipper of apples, sweet and hard cider, juices and fruit wines. Supplier of crop protection products, foliar nutrients, orchard equipment, harvest aids and fruit packing and packaging supplies.

The Stirling Family has been growing apples in the Maritime`s since the 1920`s expanding their orchard in Nova Scotia to New Brunswick in 1954.


Apple varieties include:
Oberly, Yellow Transparent, Vista Bella, Red Astercan, Melba, Paula, Red,Crab apples, Ginger Gold, Greensleeve, Dudley, Wealthy, Sunrise, McIntosh, Famuse, Nova Mac, Lobo, Baxter, Baldwin, Red Cort, Honeycrisp, Eden, Liberty, Spartan, Nova Spy, Cortland, Gala, Cox Orange, Ida Red, Jonagold, Red Delicious, Ambrosia, Golden Delicious, Spy, Rode Island Greening, Gagetown Grannies, Wolf River, Bishop Pippin, Gold Rush

Pear varieties: Early Bright, Clapp, Bartlett, Conference, Flemish Beauty

Plum varieties: Early Golden, Burbank, Early Italian

Peaches: Reliance

High Bush Blueberries and fall Raspberries

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