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Sandow Farm - Keswick Ridge

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684 Tripp Settlement Road, Keswick Ridge, NB

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Phone: (506) 363-2262


Owners, Operators:
Philip and Marieka Chaplin

Philip and Marieka Chaplin purchased the farm and property in 2011 and named it Sandow Farm after the main apple variety on the farm. We have been certified organic since 2013. Due to the pigs at our farm we do not sell any "drops".


We open based on when the apples are ripe. Our main variety is the Sandow which is a later-season apple. We typically open the last weekend in September and remain open until all the apples are picked. Please visit our website: to see if our u-pick is open. Our farm stand is open during the picking season (see attached photo) and we also sell organic garlic, squash, and our beeswax candles. We also have a few pigs at our farm who enjoy meeting visitors to the farm. Starting in 2015 we will have a BBQ set up on the weekends to provide snacks for our customers.

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