About our Industry

We’ve been around for about 100 years now. Steeped in history and tradition, but constantly learning and adapting to modern times, our thriving organization represents apple and fruit growers across New Brunswick.

A little bit of history- We have been representing apple growers in New Brunswick since 1904. The NB Fruit Growers Association was one of the first officially chartered farm organizations in Eastern Canada. In the early 1900s, New Brunswick was a major producer and innovator of apples.

Peabody SharpNew Brunswick is home to agricultural leaders and innovators. Mr. Peabody Sharp was a pioneer in apple production methods as well as initiating research into new varieties and strains that continue to exist today. He made an incredible contribution to the apple industry, not only in New Brunswick but across eastern Canada. His contributions were part of a thriving apple production that helped New Brunswick become a dignified, significant exporter of apples to eastern (Montreal) and southern (USA) markets.

The best apples in North America are grown right here in N.B. Today, New Brunswick is one of 5 apple producing provinces in Canada. Production is mostly concentrated in two regions - the southern area around Moncton and the southwest area around Fredericton, Gagetown and Woodstock. Apple orchards consist of a wide selection of varieties and strains, however, the prevalent varieties are McIntosh, Cortland and Paula Reds. McIntosh is considered a traditional Canadian apple and has been well-established in N.B. since the 1930s. Cortland continues to have a strong demand because of its unique and favorable features. New and exciting varieties like Honey Crisp are coming into full production from our younger orchards. Due to the unique micro-climates in Atlantic Canada, our apples get a distinct taste with attractive colouration. Cool nights bring out the sugars, that’s why our Honey Crisps are a beautiful red, as opposed to the yellow ones in the United States. We’re investing money into state-of-the-art controlled storage technology for increased quality and long-term storage.

The apple industry in New Brunswick has a strong and vibrant nucleus that includes a modern packing and distribution facility in Memramcook and a group of growers who continue to demonstrate superior skill and knowledge in producing superior quality and safe food for our Maritime families. We have a strong presence in this healthy, sustainable industry. We offer seminars and learning opportunities for growers and the public, ensuring that we continue to grow the industry in the province.