Happy Apple Acres

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Happy Apple Acres is located on Route 105, just 15 minutes from downtown Fredericton. Located next to Currie Mountain, the orchard and woodlot is home to bees, deer, and chickadees.

Margaret and Angus Hamilton have been running the orchard since 1974, and have branched out from apples to include pears, blueberries, honey and sweet cider.

The apple varieties are an eclectic group ranging from Bramley cooking apples, to Sandows, Russets, MacIntosh, Cortland, Dolgo crabapples, Lobos, Lodi, Paula Red, Honey Gold, Liberty--about 20 varieties, An apple for every taste!

Most of the family has been involved with the orchard over the years. Currently, daughter Elizabeth and son-in-law Burt Glendenning, have been contributing labour and enthusiasm--and learning a bit about apple growing, cider and honey along the way.

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