Mackay Apple Orchard

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Apple u pick, We supply the bags , Hours 10-5 daily

We make cider (apple juice) on Fridays when apples are available.

Yes we will fill your carboys, call and make arrangements!

Open to general public mid September - early apples by appointments.

8 acres, 1200 trees, 19 varieties: MacIntosh, Cortland, Macspur, Jersey Mac, Delicious(one), Northern Spy, Nova Mac, Paula Red, Spartan, Vesta Bella, Empire, Yellow Transparent, Gloster, Close, Idared, Oberle, Jonagold, Melrose, Ginger Gold and planted some Honey Crisp (not producing yet)

On the Saint John River, Beasley's Point.

Below are some rules of etiquette for apple u-picks.
  • Keep children near you at all times
  • No climbing trees
  • No throwing apples
  • Pick in only designated areas (fruit ripens at different times)
  • Keep our orchards clean and beautiful for all to enjoy
  • Park in marked area
  • Drive slow
  • Mind closing time
  • We supply the bags, no other bags in the orchard
  • Payment cash
  • No Dogs
  • Be careful, this is a working farm
  • If you see any bad behaviour tell the owner
Dress for the weather
  • Bring a ladder, or a 6’ 8” friend ( the low apples get picked first) (the trees vary in size)
  • Take lots of pictures

  • It’s simple
  • Park in parking area
  • Purchase your bag at farm stand (cash)
  • Check signs for rules and availability
  • Fill your bag

Some Humour
  • Why did the apple go to the doctor? He felt rotten to the core.
  • Why didn’t Noah like apples? Because he preferred pears.
  • What kind of apples have a bad temper? A crab apple.
  • Why did the apple cry? It’s peelings were hurt.
  • Why did the apples stop running? It ran out of juice.
  • How do you make an apple turn over? Push it down hill.


From Westfield Ferry drive 14.1 km turn off left side at 3155. From Gondola ferry turn left 5.3km turn right Williams Rd 6.2km, turn left at Fullerton store 3.8km turn right at 3155.

Further information on our Facebook page.